Friday, August 26, 2016

Non Muslim : Sembang tentang Islam

Oh yes ! Meeting this guys on our road back to station bus. Start with 'what are you doing here' and 'what're you study', bring us to a wonderful, enjoyful conversation.

This guys, Giry started to ask about our religion, why why why.

Alhamdulillah, our English are not bad, until he can uderstand what we're trying explain to him. Since English is our second language after Bahasa Malaysia. hihi. Thanks Malaysia ! ^^ (but still broken in my writing haha)

The question is so good, and very good until it make us, want to live in Islam because we understand it, not because we are born and got birth in Islam's family. (Taqlid)

What is your God's looks like? .
Can your God's create something which is stronger than him?

In Islam, there is some question that we should not answered it directly. It probably a wrong question and should not be ask.
So we tell him about our faith, and what is right and not right for us to do. And he 'hormat' our faith/believe.

In our conversation, I realize, there is some word that we don't know how to translate it, we probably forgot, it is 'hikmah, hukum, rahim' and others.

Told him about Quran, 1400 years ago to our prophet Muhammad saw.
The scientific things in Quran which is written 1400 years ago, and now, was proved by science.

Asking us, would you like to enter 'paradise'? He thinks it might be boring because in paradise, it will be static and not develop.
About syaitan, what it looks like?
About tree and saliva, it's createn by their own way. No creator.

We tell him one of the 'hikmah' the law in Quran. Why Allah ask a woman that was divorced, to maried a man, after a time . (special conditions). So the woman's rahim will be clear from her first husband dna. You guys know right the special conditions.

Thanks Allah for this meeting and conversation. It make us want to study more aboug Islam and tell people around the world the beauty of Islam. Right ? ^^ Oh! and I almost forgot to write here, when he ask about PEACE.
Do we like peace?
Would you like a peace for a non muslims like me?

When we said yes, he'is excited and unexpected about our answer. hihi

Banyaknya kami senyum dan ketawa dalam perbualan. 


Komen saya :

1. Penguasaan Bahasa Inggeris penting untuk menyampaikan Islam seterusnya boleh membetulkan salah faham tentang Islam sendiri.

2. Baca isu isu yang selalu dipersoalkan oleh 'non Muslim'.

3. Berani untuk berbual dengan golongan ini.

4. Letakkan pergantungan kepada Allah sepanjang perbualan.

5. Tambah Ilmu di dada.


Kaki jalan belaka nih. Sarah dah balik Malaysia. Jihah menghitung hari.

Jatuh cinta sangat dengan lukisan tu. sobsob

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